Quiet in the Canyon

When we asked people where we should go on our trip and what we should stop and see a lot of people recommended Zion National Park.  A lot of people recommended Arches National Park.  Not a lot of people said much about Bryce Canyon. I don’t know if we just randomly stumbled across it when we were mapping our route and decided to stop or if one of Caleb’s friends recommended it to us, but I am so glad we went.

We got a bit of a slow start leaving our camp in Zion after our breakfast of peanut butter bagels and munchies, but we made it to Bryce in the early afternoon after stopping for lunch at Subway.

Bryce seemed to attract tour buses filled with the elderly, RVs full of retirees making their way across the county, and foreign families exploring the natural beauty of the US.

Yet with all of the people it didn’t seem crowded.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  There was a peace and feeling of calm at Bryce that we hadn’t experienced at Zion.  As people walked up to the rim of the canyon they would lower their voices and even whisper to their family members as they pointed out the natural beauty of the place.

We were only there for a few hours but drove and walked along the rim, saw a guided horse tour descend into the mouth of the canyon and took a lot of photos.

If we had been there longer we would have like to hike the semi-treacherous trails that wound through the canyon and I, of course, would have loved to go on a trail ride.  Unfortunately, we needed to get to Chicago by the 30th and were seeing these National Parks in a bit of a hurry.  It’s ok.  We’d rather see the highlights than not see them at all.

As they say in the Canyon, “Have a Bryce Day!”

Our next post will be about our adventures in Arches National Park.

Note:  I am only including a few photos per post but will be putting up full albums on flickr once we get to Chicago and I have time to go through and edit them all.