Boulder, CO

After spending the night in Grand Junction we got a bit of a late start leaving for Boulder.  I was so exhausted from my headache that I slept in a bit.  But we eventually got on the road and enjoyed the beautiful drive through the mountains. We planned to stay the night with a good friend of mine and visit my cousin while we were in town for the night.  After dropping off our stuff and planning to meet up with both of them for dinner later in the evening, we left to walk around Boulder for a few hours.

I’ve been to Boulder a few times to visit my brother, who used to go to school there, but Caleb has never been.  For those of you who haven’t either, you should.  It’s a really awesome town.

I took Caleb down to Pearl Street, which is a string of shops and restaurants that is for pedestrians only.  It was so much fun to just walk around in the setting sun and people watch.  Boulder has some characters.

While we were there we went into Prana and found a photo of a sign that we had seen while in Glacier National Park with some friends this summer.  The sign is along this dusty road that leads to what I’m pretty sure is the most awesome bakery in Montana, and it’s one of several that attempts to get people to slow down so they don’t kick up so much dust.  It was pretty random to see it again.

After some more walking we met up with my cousin Rachel and her roommate and headed over to meet up with KC for dinner at The Med for tapas.  It was delicious!

For those of you that haven’t been to Boulder, there is something absolutely unbelievably fabulous about this town.  Boulder Baked. This place will deliver delicious warm cookies (right out of the oven) to your door at any time of the day or night with a jug of milk.  I’ve had them many times in my previous visits, so of course, had to get some.  They were divine.

Thank you so much to KC for letting us stay with you and also to Rachel for a wonderful evening.  It was so great to see you guys!