girona, spain

Ok guys, Girona. Whoa.

I was feeling a bit dejected by Lloret. It was fun and we had some good food, but it was not at all what I was envisioning when I thought of Spain. 

A while back, Gary Arndt, a well known travel photographer, asked Caleb to shoot a course on travel photography and despite speaking at TBEX, shooting with Gary is the main reason we're here.

The plan was to catch a train to Paris but the day before we left Gary asked about how we felt about driving. Road trip through Spain and France? Hell yes. 

We caught a bus to Girona and rented a car but instead of leaving right away Gary wanted to shoot inside the Giona Cathedral and we needed special permission to do so. We were scheduled to go in the next day. Caleb and I spent the first day walking around the town grabbing B roll of the city.

Girona is amazing. The river is lined with colorful buildings and the city center is buzzing with locals and filled with those tiny streets we all love to wander. I lost myself in the light, the architecture, and the smells. The amazing thing about the city is that there are no tourists. The streets are not overcrowded with tours and cameras and waiters trying to entice you with their "American Menu". It was bliss. 

Gary spent three months in Girona over Christmas and knows all the great places to eat. He took us to a cafe called The River, named so after one of Bruce Springsteen's albums. The place was covered in Springsteen memerobilila. The owner just loves the guy, he can't help it, but the food was incredible. We ordered some tapas. Nachos, patatas bravas, and olives. Delish.

On day two in Girona we went to the Cathedral with Gary and shot both inside and out on the steps. After lunch of divine Indian food and a siesta we went back out to shoot along the walls of the city. The view was breathtaking and wandering around the gardens at the base of the walls and climbing teeny staircases to get to the top was so much fun. We finished the night at a cafe where the  pizzas we ordered turned out to be ginormous slices of bread broiled with perfectly crusted cheese and toppings.