post surgery round three

Caleb here, sharing a couple emails I sent to family and friends after Jen's third surgery.

January 28, 2015

Just the latest on how Jen is doing after surgery.

She had surgery Tuesday afternoon here in San Diego at UCSD Thornton Hospital. It lasted about 4.5 hours, after which her doctor came and talked to myself and Jen's parents. He mentioned that the surgery went smoothly and she did well.

They took a generous portion of tissue from her right tongue, the same area as before, and also went into the right neck for lymph nodes (although he seemed surprised there weren't very many there).

Preliminary tests on the tongue tissue were negative and he didn't find anything abnormal.

There will be more pathology tests on the tongue portion and the neck portion over the next week.

Jen and I stayed overnight last night, and are again tonight. They placed a small drain for her neck incision that they are monitoring and she is still on an IV as she can't eat anything besides liquids right now. Vegetable broth and non-acidic juices so far. Percocet for pain. She'll probably stay tomorrow night too.

She has been able to get up and walk around, doing 15 laps around the floor today. 

We're optimistic that the tests will come back negative (which I still find to be a strange way of labeling "good news" in the medical world).

If the tests come back negative she will be back to watching and monitoring via CT and PT scans.

If it is positive at all, they'll probably recommend localized radiation.

Thank you for all the emails, texts, calls, and social media messages. They mean the world.

February 5, 2015

This should be the last update on Jen for a while because we got good news at her doctor today! 

All the tests on her tongue and neck lymph nodes all came back negative.

The doctor said she is recovering well, he removed the stitches on her neck, and she'll need to keep going in for check-ups like before. Might get an MRI in a few months.

The recovery is slow going at home for Jen. Lots of rest, still not talking at all, all liquid foods still.