hiking the italian coast

Hiking in Cinque Terre was amazing. Jess and I grabbed a cup of coffee that morning because we needed a pep in our step and then the four of us made our way to the trail head.

We didn't know what kind of terrain we would have and it turned out to be a LOT of stairs. We worked out quite an appetite and quenched it with plenty of focaccia and gelato. We weren't able to walk to all five of the towns as the southern two trails were closed. 

There's not a whole lot to say about this day other than the fact that we really enjoyed the hike, the food, the company, and the incredible vistas.

I don't know why but there are cats eveywhere in the towns of Cinque Terre, and while I'm not usually a cat person, I couldn't help snapping a few shots of them.

Check back for more photos soon!