our last day in florence


This was the big day. The day that I had waited for since the end of July. I know, long time, right? But if you only knew what this day would mean to me...

I was going to shoot a wedding in Florence.

Let me say that again. I was going to shoot a wedding in FLORENCE!!! 

I woke up early with excitement, got dressed, and anxiuosly ate breakfast. I didn't start with Rochelle until around 1pm, so I had some time to spend with Leb, Tim, and Jess sight seeing for a bit. We decided to tour the Palazzo Vecchio and climb the tower. I hadn't done either on my last visit. I don't know why, but I love walking around buildings that are hundreds of years old and following stone stairways up to the rooftops. Poor Caleb has to be careful not to scrape his head in some of these places, but the tingling in my toes as we ascended that tower made a possible head injury on his part worth it. I could just see guards walking the tower, the Medici Duchessa reading in her apartments, and heads of state milling around, their arms filled with folios and talking of important affairs. Maybe I have too vivid of an imagination?

If I can, I'll post some photos of the wedding in the coming months. It was stunning, and oh so touching. A truly beautiful couple.