Sailing with Uncle Gregg

Before heading east, Caleb and I went to Detroit for a day to see my uncle, Gregg. After going to the cemetery to visit my grandparents’ graves, we spent the day sailing out on Lake Erie. I love sailing. I grew up sailing on my Dad’s catamaran in Indiana and occasionally with my Poppo on Lake St. Clair.

The weather cooperated for us even though it was late October in Michigan. It was a beautiful day and we got by with sweatshirts and light jackets.

Gregg showed us how to do a few things and we tried to help when we could, but for the most part, we just sat back and enjoyed the ride and our time with him. As with Uncle Steve, Gregg had not spent time with Caleb other than at the wedding, so it was nice for all of us to be able to sit and chat for a couple hours.

After packing up the boat we headed to Ann Arbor for dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant. We then parted ways with Gregg and walked around Michigan’s campus for a bit. Don't tell Leb, but I thought Ann Arbor and the campus were beautiful!

The next morning on the way out of Detroit we stopped at the local bakery that my Bamma used to get her bread from. When my brother and I were kids we loved this bread. We used to eat it like candy. I remember running into the kitchen and asking Bamma for a slice of bread with butter. Probably a really healthy snack habit.

We ordered two loaves to go and then ventured to the other side of the store, which just so happens to be a deli. Bamma and Poppo used to get garlic bologna and other Polish meats there. We ordered two garlic bologna sandwiches for lunch and then hit the road. Off to Niagra Falls!