East Lansing, MI

Caleb and I have made it to Petoskey for Thanksgiving with his family after more than two months of traveling. I apologize for not keep up to date with the blog.  Between spending time with people we were visiting, sight-seeing and working on my photography I have fallen way behind.  I hope to remedy that.

This post is about our time in East Lansing.  We were there in Mid-October and stayed with a good friend of Caleb’s for a week.  For those who don’t know, Caleb did his undergrad at Michigan State University.  How does that work being the daughter of a Wolverine?  We’re working on it.  First, a bribe is required and you have to get to my heart through my stomach...I can't say not to nacho cheese.

We were able to make it to two football games, a hockey game and have a lot of fun with his friends in between.

The first game that we went to was Michigan vs. Michigan State.  In other words, game on.  However, I was assured that I would not be getting a ticket if I showed up in Maize n’ Blue.  Apparently ‘til death do you part includes wearing the color green.  I don’t remember that being in the vows, but as we are traveling, I will have to check the exact wording later.

It really was a lot of fun and for me it didn’t matter who won, I was going to be happy either way.  Walking through the tailgates to get to the stadium it felt more like a friendly rivalry then I expected.  As a UW grad, when the Cougars come to town, there are no niceties.  This was different.  It almost felt like a big family, except in different colors. (See highlights below.)

The game was a ton of fun!  During the week, we hung out with Bill and other friends.  Caleb and I both worked a lot on our respective things and he went on daily runs with me.  I hate running, but I’m learning to just put on my shoes and go.

The week ended with a Michigan State vs. Ohio State hockey game (which was my personal favorite of the week, I just LOVE hockey!) and then the homecoming football game.  Michigan State vs. Wisconsin.  It was epic and oh so much fun to be there for the win!

Here are highlights from the two games:

Michigan vs. Michigan State

Michigan State vs. Wisconsin (last play of the game)