The Bean

So this will be the last post about Chicago.  I wish I could keep up with where we actually are, but it’s been difficult to keep up while visiting people, traveling, and working on my photography.  (Be sure to check out today's post!)

In my last post, I described our day at Morton Arboretum with family.  I’ve put up a full post at Jen Wojcik Photography so be sure to check it out!

After a few days in a row of walking all over Chicago and spending the afternoon in the Art Institute I was exhausted as you can see.

If you remember, Caleb met me for lunch at Al’s Beef, but I knew I hadn’t seen all the art that I wanted to see, so I decided to go back, and he went with me.

After spending more time in the museum Caleb and I walked over to the Bean and I had way too much fun with photos!  In some of them, you can see Caleb and I in the Bean if you look very closely.

We really enjoyed our time with Laura, Peter, and Alexis and miss them very much, but we’ll see them again for the holidays.

The next post will be about our time in East Lansing with Bill and all of the games we went to.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!