Arches National Park

This place was beautiful, but not the best place to visit if you only had a few hours.  I would so have loved to be able to hike out to all of the beautiful arches the park had to offer, but we simply didn’t have the time to do that.  As we did in the other parks, we drove around and got out to take pictures and walked to vistas that were close by.

I’d say the ideal time to visit Arches would be in the fall like we did.  It was still REALLY warm and I think that if we had come in the summer we would have melted.  There are only two major water stations in the park and they both tell you to drink WAY more than you think you need.  They recommend at least a gallon a day.

After spending some time in the visitors’ center and watching a ridiculously cheesy movie about the park, we headed out in search of Balanced Rock.  You could say we found it.

From there we went to the North and South Windows and took a lot of photos after climbing up to them.

The thing that I was most excited to see was Delicate Arch.  I’m sure most of you would know it if you saw it, as it’s the unofficial symbol of Utah and definitely the most well known arch in the park.  In my mind, I was going to take the most kick-ass picture of this thing that anyone had ever seen.  Fail.  Miserable fail.

To actually get out to the Arch is a bit of a hike and it was more than we had time for.  We could only see it from a great distance, and definitely couldn’t get a great picture of it.  Next time, I’m walking right out to it and standing under it. 

Next up is Colorado National Monument!  Have a great weekend!