Red Rocks, Pizza and a Light Show in Zion

We arrived in Zion a couple hours before sunset after leaving San Diego at eight in the morning.  It was a long drive and we were happy to get out of the car, stretch our legs, go to the visitors’ center and set up camp.

Setting up camp took all of five minutes since we have an REI two-person tent and a couple of sleeping bags.   The family across the way had shelving units surrounding their picnic table to house a pantry’s worth of food, so you could call us the minimalist campers of the site.

Cabin Fever Cured

We decided to take a drive and see if we could get in some good photos with the red rock in the setting sun.  It was beautiful.  We drove out along Zion-Mount Carmel Highway and every twist and turn was breathtaking.

As we came around one corner we ran into a stranded couple.  They had driven up the highway earlier that morning and spent the day canyoning.  Unfortunately, the trail they followed led them several miles away from their car.  We only had room for one of them in the back so we drove the guy up to his truck and spent the time in conversation about the National Parks we planned to visit and the ones he had been too.

Well, Hello Mr. Goat.  

After dropping him off we continued up the highway.  It’s not out of the ordinary for cars to stop in the middle of the road or swerve in front of you in order to pull off and take a picture.  At one such point we noticed that people had not only stopped to take pictures, they had barely made any effort to get their cars out of the way.  So what did we do?  Joined them of course.  And it’s a good thing we did.

Mmmm.  Pizza Pizza!

After taking far too many pictures of far too many gorgeous rocks we returned to camp and decided to venture into town for some good eats.  We found a wood-fired pizza place that had several excellent beers on tap and VERY good pizza.  I would highly recommend The Flying Monkey if you are ever in the area.  We also stopped for peanut butter and bagels at the store so we would have something for breakfast.

All of the Lights

After returning to camp I got the itch to try to take some photos of the stars.  Caleb set up the tripod and we tried for a while to take some photos of the brilliant night sky.  We were able to get a few amateur shots.

However, out of boredom or sheer exhaustion we lost interest after about a half hour and started doing this instead.  We used his iPod touch’s flashlight app.  Simply slow down your shutter speed and have it!

Up next is Bryce Canyon!

Note:  I am only including a few photos per post but will be putting up full albums on flickr once we get to Chicago and I have time to go through and edit them all