Pit Stop in San Diego

Remember how I thought we had too much stuff?  Well, we fit it all in one room in Mom and Dad’s house and it took less than an hour and a half to unload the Uhaul.  That being said, we still have too many possessions and will be purging when we return.  Unloading always goes much faster but I was still relieved that the process was relatively painless.  My parents are now one room short, but it is very kind of them to let us store things while we travel. 

First Things First 

We HAD to get some Mexican Food.  This was non-negotiable in my opinion.  The night that we unloaded the truck, we decided to go to Casa de Bandini for some Cadillac Margaritas and tamales.  It was also Leb’s sixth “birthday dinner”.  It’s a long story, but basically I’m a terrible wife.

A few weeks ago before we had even started packing we were set to celebrate his birthday early because we were going to be at a friend’s wedding on the actual day.  He always asks me to make him dinner rather than go out and then we spend the evening together watching movies.  The night we had chosen to celebrate his birthday, I got wrapped up in photos and was getting frustrated with the program I was using.  Caleb said he was going to start dinner because he was getting hungry.  I wasn’t thinking and just said “Ok, I was going to make tamales, so if you can get it started that would be great.”  It wasn’t until I sat down at the table that I realized he had made his own birthday dinner.  Fail on my part.

We have since had numerous “birthday dinners” and at Casa de Bandini he was given flan with a candle in it.  I think flaming flan makes up for it.

Third Time’s the Charm

The next morning we took The Bruce (Leb’s Camry) into a Toyota dealer for the third time.  Being the responsible people that we are we took it into the dealer in Seattle for our 120,000 mile check up.  We thought it best to make sure the car was in great condition before the road trip.  It was running fine before we took it in and when they returned it to us it began stalling and running rough.

When we took it back and they told us that they had cracked a few spark plugs when they were putting them in, that they would replace them, and we should be good to go.  Nope, not so much. 

By the time we got down to San Diego we were having the same problems.  Luckily we were able to make an appointment at the Toyota dealer in Carlsbad who told us the same thing, we had damaged spark plugs.  They have since been replaced and the car is running great.

Acai Bowls and Runs on the Beach

After the car was taken care of we spent our time relaxing, visiting with friends and getting ready to head out.  We hung out with SeaAnna for an afternoon, met Kesley in PB for dinner, visited with Jared and had dinner with Mark.  It was really great to see all of them after not being home in so long.  Leb and I laid by the pool, played with and walked Luna and Scamp (my parents’ crazy golden retrievers), and went for a run on the beach.

Unfortunately SD refused to come out of the Marine Layer (what we call fog) and play.  The sun usually came out over Mom and Dad’s house but the coast remained clouded over, so I was not able to go to the beach like I’d hoped.

While we were there I had two Acai Bowls!  I went to my old Juice Stop haunt and got one there, but then SeaAnna told me about Sambazon in Cardiff where you could make your own and it was delicious!  Leb and I scarfed it down right after our run.

We also drove through neighborhoods so that I could show Leb some of the potential places we can live, mostly in North County, but we will also be looking down south when we get back.

Up Next

Vegas!   Although don’t let the exclamation mark fool you.  I’m not really that excited about it.