About Jen and Caleb

“I travel, not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.”-Robert Louis Stevenson

Caleb and I loved our life in Seattle.  Yes, I objected to the constant rain and grey, but we truly did love the home we had built together and the friends that had become our family.  So why leave?

It was time.  It’s as simple as that.  I had been in Seattle for six years and while I loved the city, the people, and the culture, (really everything but the weather) I never felt at peace with where we were.  Caleb felt the same way.  He was stuck at a job that didn’t motivate or excite him, and while it was a pretty sweet gig, he longed for something different.  We were both itching to go.  Where didn’t matter.  We just wanted to explore.

We have always dreamed of traveling together and for a long time we thought we would go international right away.  This was our plan up until our wedding.  At the wedding we felt as though we got a “taste of a visit” with our family and friends.  They were there and then in a flash they were gone.  On our honeymoon we had conversations like “Did you talk to so-and-so?”   And the reply would be “only for a bit, it would have been nice to chat for a while longer.”

We love our family and friends and we wanted to spend more time with them.  Why not do it and see the US at the same time?  International travel can wait a few months.

When we told folks we were moving most people who didn’t know us would say, “oh that’s great, are you moving for work?”  They wanted to know why.  Thus the inevitable explanation would follow of the plans for our road trip and Caleb’s career move.  Most people would either be super excited for us or give us a bit of a funny look, like they didn’t understand.  It was particularly difficult to explain to older adults.

Eventually we started saying “Because we want to”.  Isn’t that reason enough?